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Automobile gas regulator lpg

Automobile gas regulator lpg

  • Product description: Automobile gas regulator lpg

OEM SERVICE applied.


  • The main raw material of the model YCR06 lpg fuel pressure reducer  is aluminum and consists of nine parts.
  • The model YCR06 reducer is a reducer for LPG sequential injection system and equipped with an integrated filter unit
Product Name Automobile gas regulator lpg
Inlet  Pressure 25 Mpa
Secondary Stage Pressure 0~0.3Mpa
Working Temperature -40℃~+120℃
Working Voltage DC12V
Power Range up to 120 kw
Flow Rate Q≥35 m³/h(P=0.1Mpa)
Type LPG reducer for vehicle
Weight 1.5KG
Dimensions 12*125*11cm
Max. inlet Pressure  25MPa
Max. outlet Pressure  adjustable from 90 to 180 kPa
Max Flow 35m³/h
Engine Power up to 120 kw


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